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Following Chief Sauganash -
Captain Billy Caldwell (1780-1841)
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From the Chicago Tribune Lake Forester newspaper:

It all started one day in 1993, when Susan Kelsey was walking around the Sauganash neighborhood on the Northwest Side of Chicago, where she then lived.


"There's a plaque in the neighborhood," Kelsey, now of Lake Forest, said. "It was on the edge of the Billy Caldwell reservation. I started wondering who this guy was and why this neighborhood was called Sauganash."


Thus began a 23-year effort to research Billy Caldwell, the bi-cultural fur trader, fighter, treaty negotiator and tribal leader also known as Chief Sauganash.


"He was such a key leader in those times," Kelsey said. "That's why I wrote this book, I couldn't [initially] find out anything about him."


Her research has culminated in "Following Chief Sauganash," an e-book that will be for sale on Amazon starting March 17.

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The Boundary Line: 
Chief Sauganash 

By Susan L. Kelsey

ISBN: 978-1-62415-015-9

Published by Iron Gate Production, Inc.


For over 200 years, Americans have come to the City of Chicago to create dreams and political aspirations.  But prior to 1835, native Indians inhabited the area for centuries.  You could say politics is in our DNA, in our soil.  The Boundary Line details the life of a political leader, Billy "Chief Sauganash" Caldwell from his beginnings in Ft. Niagara, Ontario through his death in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  You will also meet Alderman Debwa, 51st Ward racing for the 2019 Mayoral election.  TheBoundary Line, a historical fiction book, coming soon at